Collective Thought Media specializes in creating high quality media content for print, web, video, photo and visual branding. We understand that having a written process helps projects get done efficiently and accurately. Our process for creative media projects goes through three distinct phases:

1) Discover & Proposal

During this phase, we will meet with you to discuss and analyze your media needs. This is arguably one of the most important phases, as it allows us to fully discover your needs and goals. During this portion of the process, we will establish all of the critical aspects of the project, including:

  • Main Project Objectives
  • Key Project Leaders
  • Timelines and Important Milestone Dates
  • Identify Key Project Deliverables
  • Estimating Budgets
  • Identifying Target Market/Demographics
  • Identifying most Cost-Effective Methods of Achieving your Marketing Goals
  • Identify any External Vendors or Independent Contractors that may be needed
  • Deliver Fixed-price Proposal

2) Production & Revisions 

During this phase, we will begin creating your media, utilizing all of the information and objectives that were gathered during the Discovery & Proposal phase. During this phase, we will be actively communicating with the client to ensure that the assets being created will meet their expectations.

We utilize cloud-based project management and file sharing services, as well as an online based file proofing system for all kinds of media. This allows us to communicate easier during the revision process, and to have clear objectives and documented revision goals with our clients.

3) Review and Support 

Once the revision process is complete, we will do a post-project review where we make sure the client is comfortable and able to use their new media in the most effective way possible. If the media created was a website, this would include CMS training and review of how to manage their new website content. If the project was video related, we would document the best practices for delivering your video to your audience, and make sure they are comfortable with hosting and displaying the video content on all their devices and locations.

If your project includes a support plan, we will seamlessly transition over to the support period of the project. Here, we will provide on-going support for projects like websites, video distribution, logo and branding usage and others.