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The Aquidneck Land Trust approached Collective Thought Media with the goal of both visually redesigning their website and to switch over to an open source content management system. The Aquidneck Land Trust uses its website as a critical method of communication to donors and supporters, and being able to easily update website content was very important to the ALT staff.

Collective Thought Media recomended that the ALT move to a WordPress CMS platform, with upgraded 4GH hosting. Collective Thought Media also recommended the use of a premium customized template, which helped to reduce the cost and time associated with creating a new CMS based website.

First, Collective Thought Media setup ALT’s new server space, migrated their old website content to their new server, and put ALT in control of their own hosting and domain registration account. Then Collective Thought Media installed and configured the WordPress CMS core files. We also installed a premium template and made customizations to the PHP, HTML and CSS code to create a unique look. Then we installed and configured numerous plugins that helped increase the functionality of the website. Finally, we moved the WordPress install from a development environment to it’s final hosting location and tested the website to ensure all pages and elements loaded correctly. Additionally, CTM also provided two weeks of post support and training on the WordPress admin panel as well.


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June 2, 2012

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