The web spots for apparel startup Legends Limited were shot on June 3rd in Providence, Rhode Island, and released to the public on July 8th. 

Collective Thought Media completed the production and post editing on 4 separate web spots for Rhode Island based apparel startup Legends Limited in June and July. The process included early meetings and coordination between CTM owner Chris Hunter and Legends Limited’s Philip Easton, to ensure a smooth day of production. With a tight schedule to both shoot and edit the final deliverables, efficient planning and execution of their vision was required. 

“When you’re working on projects with smaller budgets, you have to really make the most out of the time and resources available to you and the production,” Chris Hunter said. “When you have a limited window of opportunity, you need to really make sure every shot counts and results in a usable clip in the edit. To spend time shooting things unnecessarily or wasting time due to a lack of planning just isn’t an option. For this shoot, we were in Providence on location for about 6 hours, and we came back with over 500 video clips and 200 stills. We shot both indoors and outdoors utilizing 8 or 9 different setups to achieve a variety of looks,” he continued.


“There’s a couple things we do in these situations where we can limit the amount of gear required to save costs and make sure things move a long at a good pace, but still create cinematic camera movement with good lighting,” Collective Thought Media owner Chris Hunter explained. “One of those tools is a 3-axis hand-held gimbal. With this we can create movements that can somewhat replicate a dolly or small jib crane. It can be a very versatile tool out in the field when you need to move quickly, assuming it’s functioning correctly and you have enough batteries to power it all day,” he continued. “We’re running a Sony A6300 on a Ronin-M and my partner Nash Brunelle runs the gimbal on most shoots. He’s also a Part 107 FAA aerial pilot and also flew our Phantom 4 Pro for several shots on the day.”

Hunter explained the overall strategy for the day: “We needed to get our first setups which were all indoors completed early enough to still be able to utilize some good light outdoors. We setup in an apartment on the East Side and went to work shooting everything. We did the static shots of the clothing first, shooting everything in three passes. First was the Sony A6300/Ronin-M gimbal combo, shooting a mix of UHD and 120fps video, then we had the FS100 on sticks shooting at 60fps in 1080p, and finally we shot stills of everything with a Canon DSLR and the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens. Once we wrapped up indoors, we met with the other models and started our outdoor shoots. Here we switched to the A6300/Ronin-M almost exclusively, with the exception of the Canon DSLR for stills and some BTS video shots. I knew that the A6300 in Slog2 on the Ronin-M would get us what we needed for these outdoor shots, and that we’d be able to move quickly without extraneous gear or rigging equipment.”

Both companies are based in Newport, Rhode Island, with Philip wanting to branch out to the surrounding Providence area to have classical urban city lines and architecture as the backdrop. “We looked at it like a fashion photo shoot, but recording video the whole time, ” Chris mentions. “We wanted it to have a very real, authentic feeling almost like the behind the scenes on a fashion photo shoot. We also wanted to show the lifestyle narrative behind the clothing with the talent meeting up and moving through a cityscape.”

To learn more about Legends Limited you can view their website at or connect on Facebook at or on Instagram at @legends_limited.