Towerhill Associates | Website Redesign

phase 1

Research and Planning

Collective Thought Media began Towerhill’s website redesign by focusing in on several critical attributes and functions the website had to feature. A key component of the website was the ability for Towerhill to easily update and manage their webpages through a content management system. CTM utilized an open source solution that allowed for maximum control and user friendliness. Attention was given to crafting a website which followed the visual branding established in Towerhill’s logo redesign. Competitive research was done to ensure Towerhill’s website was on par, and also unique in comparison to others in the job placement industry.

phase 2

Website Wireframes and NFMs (non functional mockups)

After determining critical content and functions of the website, wireframes were constructed to solidify content blocks, site width, and general home and subpage layouts. Wireframes allow for the easy concepting of content placement, and offer the ability to easily move content blocks before creating actual pixel layouts. Upon approval of wireframes, full pixel layouts were created in what we call NFMs (non functioning mockups). There are full layouts with the final color palette, font choices, photographs, and additional graphics created in Adobe Photoshop. Final adjustments to content placement were completed at this point in anticipation of final coding and development.

phase 3

Coding and Development of Final CMS Pages

Upon client approval of the home and subpage mockups, CTM began the process of turning the Adobe Photoshop documents into a full functioning website. By first creating valid xHTML and CSS based page templates, a solid foundation was created for implementing the page designs into Towerhill’s Content Management System. At this point, the final Flash homepage movie was created, along with AJAX functionalities, a dynamic menu system, a customized blog module, and final content was placed onto all of the necessary pages. Additionally, all client changes were made at this point, and the clients.were introduced to the back-end Admin Console features.

phase 4

Final Client Review, Go Live and Post Support

Upon completing the formatting of all content and custom functionality, Towerhill Associates and CTM reviewed the final website to ensure all objectives had been met by the redesign. At the client’s final approval of all pages and functionality, the go live process was started. This included transferring the installation from a development environment to it’s final install on the client’s root website URL.The final install was then stress tested, all pages reviewed by CTM and formally handed over to the client for official launch. Post support functions include guidance on best CMS practices, and fielding all questions and concerns in the three weeks following launch.


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June 2, 2012

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