On-Site & Studio Video Production

Collective Thought Media offers complete on-site & studio video production for a variety of clients and environments. Our team includes a variety of professionals including camera operators, location sound technicians, lighting and grip crew. Our expertise in creating efficient lighting setups allows us to quickly and proficiently capture interview and B-Roll footage. From race cars to beauty products, we have a wide range of experience across many industries.

We use a skilled and small team that moves quick.

Our team is small and skilled, allowing us to quickly move through setups and shots during production days. By utilizing a team of three to four crew members, we’re able to handle all aspects of small productions including director, camera, lighting, audio and hair / make-up. For larger productions, we can bring on additional camera operators, lighting techs and grips as needed to complete any sized project.     

Communication is key to a successful production day.

Collective Thought Media believes that communication is key to every good production day. This includes generating pre-shoot call sheets, having clearly defined locations and start times, and having a clear on-set hierarchy to ensure that all production objectives are achieved smoothly. When the client, production team & talent are communicating, we can almost always have a successful and stress-free shoot. 

Make the camera move: aerial video and moving car shots.

In addition to stationary setups, we’re ready to execute specialty shots including aerial video and car-to-car shots. We employ a dedicated Part 107 licensed aerial drone pilot, with over 6 years building and flying UAS. Our car camera setup is capable of supporting up to an 8lb camera/lens package on a stabilized gimbal & vibration reducing plate. Elevate your production day with aerial and vehicle based shots.