Post-Production, Voice Over & Sound Mixing

Once all of your location and studio video and audio content is recorded, we can begin the post-production phase. This includes such tasks as ingesting and backing up the raw video footage, pulling out the usable content into a sequence of good shots, sourcing stock audio for sound FX and score, recording any necessary voice-over narration or dialogue replacement, generating a cut including titles, motion graphics, musical score and basic color correction. All video assets can be shared with the client remotely using a variety of digital tools and services to streamline footage review and client revisions to edited content.

The Post Process: Raw to Revisions

Our post production workflow is setup to deliver time efficient digital assets that can be reviewed by your team anywhere with internet. From ingest of raw files, through meta-tagging and pulling select shots, our process allows for the client to be active in the post-production review phase. Once we have gained input into which shots are a must use, we will cut the first draft: complete with a musical score, color correction, titles and motion graphics.

Managing feedback and revisions to streamline final delivery.

We utilize several online platforms to make sharing of digital assets and getting client revisions a breeze. Clients are able to draw, add text and notations directly to paused video frames. This allows for instant feedback that’s tied directly to a specific timecode within the edit, making revisions streamlined and easy. Once the revisions process is done, we’ll supply you with all of the final digital + physical assets.

Creating campaign assets, thumbnails & banners.

In addition to the final video assets, we will also create supporting campaign material, including custom designed thumbnails, banners and other graphics designed to support your video campaign. Engagement is higher for videos that feature custom thumbnails, and is a great opportunity to stand out. By exporting still frames from your video content, we can utilize identical artwork across all media channels.