Campaign Analytics & Review

Both during and after the distribution of your video assets, weekly and monthly reports can be generated showing a variety of information including conversion goals, impressions and traffic generated from your campaign. Additionally, at the conclusion of your campaign a comprehensive review should be completed that details the objectives acheived.

Real-time analytics to help guide the campaign's course.

During the first 48 hours of your campaign’s launch, we will closely and actively monitor the resulting impressions, loads, click-thru’s and conversions in order to ensure the message is being well received. By utilizing industry standard tools such as Google Analytics, we can compare individual media channels and their performance in relation to each other, and overall campaign expectations.

Monitor your conversion goals with custom built landing pages.

A core component of our campaigns and their ability to measure engagement lies with our proprietary designed and coded website landing pages. These landing pages are mobile-optimized and allow us to track viewer engagement through such metrics as impressions, video loads, video completions, and time spent on site in order to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign.

Post-campaign review helps understand campaign impact.

At the completion of the video campaign, a post-review summary will be generated in order to fully understand the impact and results of our efforts. By looking at viewer trends, levels of engagement, and percent of conversions we can accurately assess the campaign’s performance. This information often proves extremely valuable towards shaping future campaigns and customer retargeting efforts.