Creative Asset Review & Update

Before planning a video marketing campaign, all of your creative assets should be reviewed for aesthetic and technical considerations including: logo design & reproduction quality; brand color pallet for print, web and video use; and that any illustrations, marks and other supporting brand artwork are of the highest quality. 

Why do we need to complete a creative asset review?

A creative asset review is critical so that all of your existing brand assets are of the best possible quality before they are used to help conceptualize and drive your video marketing campaign. Ensuring that you have the best foundation for your video marketing campaign will save time and produce better results. Incorporating substandard logo artwork and brand color palettes into a video campaign can have detrimental consequences, and should be avoided at all costs.

How long does it take to complete the creative asset review?

It takes approximately 5 to 10 business days for the initial review, assessment and recommendation phase. During this time we’ll review your existing logo, brand artwork, color palette and supporting illustrations or marks. Our feedback will streamline the process of revisions, while retaining as much of the existing core components as possible. In many cases we simply need to vectorize the existing logo artwork, and create a corporate color palette to be used across print, web and video.

Does the creative asset review affect the other media and advertising my company creates?

Ideally, YES. By reviewing all of your creative assets for both aesthetic and technical considerations, we will be creating the highest quality, vector-based artwork that should then be used going forward across any and all advertising and media you use. Because you will now have a unified brand color palette and supporting artwork, these elements should be incorporated as well to achieve a consistent and unified visual image.