Combining more than twenty years of experience in brand and identity design, Collective Thought Media can develop unique visual identities that reinforce your message, products or service.

By clearly establishing your core message, target demographics and unique selling proposition, CTM will craft a finely tuned visual identity that consists of an icon / mark in conjunction with logotype, color palette and recommended usage. Additionally, CTM can direct the application of your logo and branded colors and style throughout various print and web applications.

From rock bands to global non profits, Collective Thought Media can create the visual foundation to drive your success. Whether creating a new identity or updating an existing system, CTM is ready to deliver on your most critical communications.

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Visual identiy Design for Wynn & Wynn, PC

Creating a memorable brand ID, with all the corresponding artwork, font choices, color palettes and guidelines is what we do.


We have provided creative direction on dozens of logo and brand identities. Working closely with digital illustrators, we craft vector based logos that are original, memorable, and will reproduce easily across all forms of media. We can also create complete brand guidelines including fonts, colors and the do’s and don’ts of maintaining your brand’s visual ID across print, web and video.